Automotive Concepts

Discovering a Need

Automotive Concepts had a complex Google AdWords account with over 30 campaigns, leading to a number of inefficiencies. They worked with our senior account management team with the goal of developing and implementing a cost saving strategy that would improve their overall ROI and decrease wasted spend.

Creating a Strategy

Our analyst team focused primarily on developing a good campaign structure and setup campaign tracking as a solid foundation. From there our team was able to eliminate 4.88% of clicks that were irrelevant, underperforming, or unprofitable. Next our team focused on fine-tune keyword selection and regular optimization resulting in a 46% increase in their click-through-rate and a 33% decrease in their cost-per-click. In addition with expert bid management and ad enhancement techniques we increased their ad position by 41%.

Reviewing the Results

Since taking over the Automotive Concepts AdWords campaign we have decreased their campaign costs by 37.23% saving them thousands of dollars in wasted ad spend. By developing a strategic campaign structure, increasing keyword quality, creating call-to-action driven ad text, and refining campaign targeting we were able to increase the efficiency of their ad campaigns and increase the quality of calls and leads to their business.

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