Marinello Schools of Beauty

A Need to Connect

With less than 4,000 Facebook followers, Marinello was committed to expanding their social reach and connecting with as many members of their key demographic as possible with a key focus on minimizing cost per like.

A Micro-targeted Strategy

Their primary target is women ages 17-30 in the areas directly surrounding their locations. We micro-targeted this group of women to focus on those with interests related to Beauty. By creating age segments we were able to avoid ad fatigue, and with the further addition of rotating ad variations we were able to optimize the ad message to help achieve their goal of minimizing cost-per-like. Lastly we updated their cover image and landing page to help increase their brand appeal.

Reviewing the Results

Since 2011 we have worked with Marinello to grow their Facebook following from under 4,000 fans to over 100,000 fans. During this time we have managed to decrease their cost per like by 37% and are now pushing to reach their entire market with their message on a monthly basis.

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